Werner Cloete, Member of Engage Committee


An exciting week and exciting times await us. Two years ago, the whole concept of Engage was undeveloped and this coming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday three schools in the Cape Town area will be Engaging! Furthermore, many schools have shown interest in joining the movement and the Engage website is on the verge of being lauched.

I am so grateful to be a part of this most significant movement. Although I have been involved in driving most of the unfolding of this initiative, I feel more like a spectator than a driver. The wisdom and encouragement of people and the guidance of the Father has brought us to this point – what a privilege to be involved!

It is my firm conviction that teachers have tremendous potential for being agents of change in their communities. Although the profession of teaching is not always held in the highest regard by many in society, schools remain incredibly strategic entities in their local communities and teachers therefore find themselves in the inside lane as far as impacting their local area is concerned.

Our society faces a great diversity of challenges and the question regarding an appropriate response on our behalf arises naturally. Although it might not be a cure-all, investing in the quality of the fatherhood of our generation is critical. Seeing schools rising up to take on this challenge has been most heart-warming.

Indeed, exciting times await us as schools begin to see themselves not only as academic institutions but as culture-shaping vehicles through which a truly significant move can operate.