Resources and Links

Please note that Engage is not officially affiliated with any of the organisations mentioned below. Yet we would like to encourage schools to, where appropriate, make use of the resources and thoughts that are available.

1. The World Needs a Father

This movement was started in 2012 to help restore fathers firstly in their relationship to God as Father, secondly to their earthly fathers and thirdly to their sons or daughters (Mal.4:6). Training men to be trainers of men is a high priority. Restoring fatherhood to what God intended it to be, is paramount in everything they do. Engage has formed a close association with The World Needs a Father in reaching out to South African dads. Since training is provided for fathers to become trainers of other fathers, mutual fatherhood responsibility becomes a possibilty in school communities.
For more info or resources, please visit or contact Gerhard van Eck at

2. Raising a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis

This book has been a great help as it provides fantastic follow-up reading for dads who attended Engage evenings. The book can be ordered in bulk from Focus on the Family by sending an email to or by making a phone call to +27 31 716 3300 (for schools in South Africa).
For further information about additional Raising a Modern Day Knight resources, please visit

3. Focus on the Family, Africa

Focus on the Family is a well-known organisation started by Dr James Dobson in the United States more than 35 years ago. Focus on the Family Africa, based in South Africa, has been most helpful in providing the resource Raising a Modern Day Knight at an affordable price and in hosting events to strengthen families. Visit for more resources and information or contact Sharon Davids at or phone +27 31 716 3300.

4. Focus on the Family and Care for the Family

Visitors from outside Africa are encouraged to visit or for excellent reading material and resources from which your school community can benefit greatly.

5. Fathering Adventures, Australia

Fathering Adventures is an Australian organisation that has been successful at “turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers”. Although they currently only operate in Australia, their website is informative and provides some interesting perspectives on the fatherhood issue. Visit for more information.