While all schools are invited and encouraged to implement any part of the resources, ideas and strategies available on this website free of charge, there are some principles to be adhered to if a school wants to operate under the “Engage” banner.

It must be a movement from within the school

The cause of Engage in the school community should be championed by an individual who is preferably already a member of the staff of the school. Should the champion of Engage in a given school community not be a member of staff, the Engage communication to the school community should still originate from someone involved with the school as the attractiveness of Engage lies in it being launched on the school’s initiative.

An Engage committee consisting of Christian parents & teachers

A committee of a few parents and at least one teacher should determine the nature of the Engage activities in each school as the collective wisdom around such a table is vital for sustainable success. This committee should consist of Christians with a biblical worldview as Engage sprang forth from, and is still rooted in, such convictions. The Engage evenings and other material presented to the broader community do not need to have an explicit Christian theme though. Each committee should determine the nature of the meetings and material and this should rather occur in an inclusive than an exclusive way.

Contact us

The school needs to contact the founding committee of Engage to inform them of the launch of Engage at their schools.

Should a school choose not to adhere to these principles, there is still no restriction on the usage of the ideas, strategies and material on this website. In fact, any initiative to reach and empower family life is strongly encouraged. However, in such a case, schools are requested to operate under an alternative banner, e.g. “Connect”, “Build”, “Courage” or a suitable alternative. Such schools are still requested to inform the founding committee of Engage when the programme is launched.